Carol has a gift, and somehow makes the process not only bearable but enjoyable!

My daughter’s room was a mess. It was discouraging for both of us because there was so much stuff and nowhere to put it. The chaos affected her ability to relax and enjoy her personal space, and even prevented her from getting a good sleep at night. She didn’t enjoy spending time there and we were both frustrated and didn’t know how to handle it, so we decided to call Carol.

I will admit, I dreaded going through every last paper and piece of pre-teen “stuff” since on previous tries I was always met with a lot of resistance. Carol has a gift, and somehow makes the process not only bearable but enjoyable! She connected with my daughter and the two of them threw out more junk in one afternoon than I had been able to get her to do in two years. With Carol’s guidance, my daughter was empowered to make decisions on what stayed and what went. Since they were her choices, she was able to let go of a lot of the excess.

It has been two months since we organized the bedroom, and this 12- year-old’s room has remained clean since then! She loves to hang out in it now, and her sleeping habits have improved greatly. I am much more relaxed and didn’t realize what a burden the mess was creating on my own shoulders. Carol truly changed both our lives by organizing the bedroom. We can’t thank her enough!!!!

Chris D. from Northville, Michigan
Carol literally changes lives, making living easier.

Carol changed my life. I was constantly running late to appointments and leaving behind a messy house, creating new messes in the car and putting other drivers at risk because I’d be applying make-up as I drove! Since Carol came to my home, my house has lost literally 500 lbs of junk we thought we needed. My home office is organized to the point that I work more effeciently and my son and husband are happier knowing exactly where their “toys” live. My closest is now beautiful — who knew. I’m on time to meetings now and I no longer apply make-up at the wheel. I no longer have to hide the clutter in drawers when company stops by and my car is prestine. Carol literally changes lives, making living easier.

Aleea H. from Novi, Michigan
You Have Given Me My Life Back!

I am feeling like a new person!! You have given me my life back!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU, CAROL!!!!!!!! You are AMAZING!! You are a special gift from God to me! You are like a little angel that flies into my life and brings peace and calmness. I could NEVER repay you for what you have done for me! You are the BEST!! You have made such a difference in my life! I pray God will bless you for how you have blessed me!

Stacy S. from South Lyon, Michigan
Carol is a Tireless Worker…

Our company needed help organizing several executive offices and our corporate files. Carol provided professional organization that helped each executive develop a system that suited how they used their office and accessed their paperwork. If a system wasn’t working, she helped us get back on track and discover what would work. Carol is a tireless worker who gets you motivated even when you face a daunting process.

Nancy Bauer, Executive Assistant from NSF International
Organizing a Mess

I am trying to maintain the organizing that we did, but it is always a struggle. You are so quick and great at getting through a mess! Sometimes I wish I could hire you to live with me! Ha ha. Anyway, I appreciate you and all that you do! You are an amazing woman. You really made me be able to make it through a hard year in my life with all of the help you gave me! I can never tell you enough how much I appreciate your eye for organization, your decisiveness in what needs to be done, your effieciency in getting it done, your unending energy, and your inspiration!! You’re incredible!!

Stacy S. from South Lyon, Michigan